Looking for Acrylic Nails?

I’ve been originally trained and have extensive experience creating sculpted acrylic nails. In the UK acrylic nails are practically synonymous with nail extensions and most of my new clients originally find me when looking for acrylic nails. So I thought it would be good for me to explain why I’ve made a decision to switch to Gelish PolyGel and haven't looked back.

PolyGel was inspired by a desire to create a product that keeps everything nail techs like about acrylic and hard gel systems while removing the aspects they don’t like
— Danny Haile, creator of PolyGel

What is PolyGel?

PolyGel was created by Nail Harmony, the same company that brought us very successful hard gels under their brand name Gelish. PolyGel launched on the nail market in 2017, so it’s a relatively new product and only a small number of nail technicians have experience working with it.

Key advantages of PolyGel

  • It’s very light. If you have experience with acrylic or gel nails you will be amazed how light it feels on your hands. You won't notice you are wearing extensions.

  • It’s very strong. As strong as acrylic and stronger than hard gel. As a result, you get very durable nails ready to withstand whatever life throws at them.

  • It can be used for natural nail strengthening. PolyGel can be applied as a very thin layer on top of your nails, it will look natural and will add protection (sometimes from your own bad habits).

  • No smell. Just like hard gels, the product doesn’t have any smell when it’s applied.

  • No airborne dust during application.

  • Unlike acrylics or hard gels, it allows unlimited playtime for a nail technician before it takes its final form. So I have more time to sculpt a perfect shape for your nails. You love beautiful nails, don't you?

  • It’s quicker to apply, so the treatment takes less time.

I am still doing both acrylic and gel nails if the client insists that they want them, but I honestly can’t recommend anything but PolyGel now both to clients who have experience wearing nail extensions and to those who are only thinking of trying them.

Visually PolyGel nails look as good as acrylic or gel nails. Here are some examples from my portfolio.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

PolyGel Nail Extensions

Interested in trying PolyGel for your nails? You can check my prices for nail extensions and book your appointment online.