Nail biting and skin picking are very common anxiety-related disorders. The behaviour is usually completely automatic, driven by subconscious mind — it’s really hard to fight with it using only will power.

ARTIFICIAL nails could be the perfect solution!

By covering your short bitten nails with an artificial material you're protecting them from all negative impact (chemicals when washing the dishes, your own biting habit), giving them time to grow back and look healthy again. When you are wearing artificial nails, picking your skin doesn’t feel the same any more so the habit tend to go away with time.

As a nice bonus, polish will last significantly longer on polygel and gel nails making your hands look beautiful around the clock!

I have successfully helped clients with their nail biting and skin picking problems — see the examples below.

If you would like me to help you with your nails you can quickly check my availability and booking an appointment online.